IT CONSULTINGAudit, Plan, Report

Do you need a plan for budgeting purposes, or to get a capital infusion?   Or maybe you just want to know what the future is going to look like in terms of your technology situation.  You may think things are humming along just fine, but do you really know what your EXPOSURE is to the outside world?  Do you or your IT staff ever think about RISK to your business if you had a fire or disaster?   How would you continue doing business, if your DATA suddenly became corrupt?   Are your WORKFLOW PROCESSES as efficient as they could be?   Do you know what your IT SPEND will be 5 years from now?   Do you have any software LIABILITIES?     Does the business that you are acquiring have any of these concerns?

Our IT Consulting services will determine your current situation by performing an in depth AUDIT which we document in a REPORT. We will then give you a PLAN which has been tailored to your specific business requirements.  Our plans focus on ways to minimize your exposure, streamline your IT processes and costs.    It outlines very specific recommendations that will ensure your technology is running at peak efficiency and not subject to unknown failures.

These Audits, Reports and Plan can be distributed to your dept. heads, your board members and kept on file for future reference.   Many of our clients use these reports to apply for budget money to accomplish new tasks.

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Any of our plans can be customized to your needs, and to your business. Click on the links to learn more.