Audit, Report, Plan

The digital space encompasses anything that showcases your product or services online. Whether your message is on a Website, social media platforms or video sites, it needs to drive business to your door. KW Digital Solutions consultants can advise you how to get more for your hard earned money.


This plan will define a social media marketing strategy that will work best for your products or services with short-term and long-term actions required to bring more business to your door. We help you to define your communication objectives, while keeping your brand integrity in mind. We will make recommendations on the right tools that you can use to track your performance, and to help you to manage your social media marketing practices. We will develop a conversation strategy that will attract visitors and leverage your business. We will define a process for how your social media sites will be maintained, for example: who is the target audience, what type of content will be posted, who will approve the posts etc.


Our audit will include:
• Analyzing your current presence across the various social networks and identify what they are being used for. For example, your Instagram profile may be used to share company culture and achievements.
• We will identify if all of your social media sites are on brand with your Website and print deliverables.
• We will also analyze your competitors and identify what works best in your industry (success leaves clues), for your product(s) or your service(s). We will identify the social networks you should participate in and those that you should avoid.


Our report will include the results of our Audit.


• Creation of your social media profiles.
• Management of your social media profiles
• Blog design, setup and/or optimization
• Management of your Blogs which includes writing the posts, commenting on other blogs to build awareness.

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