A Website – Is it really what your business needs?

Author:  Nola Young Thinking that your business should have a Web site? Before you go looking for a Web developer (an individual or company that will create the site for you), make sure you know what questions to ask andRead More

Audio on the Web

Author: Nola Young More and more Web sites are using sound as a means to promote an image, present a point or to quite simply entertain you. The use of sound can enhance a site and make it more interesting.Read More

Road Warrior Academy

Author:  Nola Young Introduction The term “road warrior” has been around for a while now. Generally, it describes someone who carries any kind of portable or mobile device to keep in touch while travelling. Some people take this to extremes,Read More

Choosing a Web Host

Author:  Nola Young Often, I am asked which Internet Service Provider (ISP) I would recommend to host a company’s Web site. The answer is not simple. In fact, it requires careful consideration. When evaluating your current Web host or shoppingRead More

Online Shopping Tips

Author:  Nola Young It’s Christmas, and you are looking for the “perfect” gift for your loved one.  Your mother just bought a hot tub, for Dad, on the Internet, and you’re wondering what you might find for that special someoneRead More

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Author:  Nola Young Pictures speak volumes. Like words, they tell a story. They also create images that customers will associate with trust. They add credibility to your Web site. So choose and use your pictures wisely so each and every one createsRead More

Business Websites should tell visitors what’s in it for them.

Author:  Nola Young For years I have sifted through Web sites that don’t either get to the point, or don’t say the obvious. So now, after looking for a few minutes, and not finding what I want, I simply goRead More