Website Audits, Recommendations, and Remediation Plans

Due to new legislative rules, companies are required by law to make their Websites and social media sites accessible to persons with disabilities.   Do you know if your site meets the AODA legislation?  Many Web Developers don’t give this a second thought. They design the site with a minimum of effort but it may not be viewable by all of your intended audience.    Addressing accessibility of your Website(s) by yourself, can be a daunting task.  You may not have the tools, expertise or the available staff or people-hours to tackle a project of this magnitude.

KWDigital Solutions can help improve the accessibility of your website and ensure your web and social media communications are accessible for everyone.

Bring in the Experts:

The first step in this process is to bring in an expert who specializes in Web accessibility, to assess the current situation, make recommendations and provide a step-by-step prioritization plan.    We will also recommend the tools you will need to maintain conformance and train your staff on these new work-flow processes.

Website Audit Report

The next step is to do a baseline assessment audit.    This means your site will be carefully evaluated against accessibility guidelines and standards to ensure that disabled people can use your website.  A web accessibility audit results in a report that details:

  • a list of identified items that do not conform with AODA legislation and WCAG
  • a priority list of issues that need to be resolved including technical issues that preclude
  • solutions to address the issues
  • recommended workflow processes
  • recommended technical upgrades
  • industries best tips and practices

Some companies chose to do this process themselves and purchase automated auditing tools, but while software can identify a number of problems, it is only a top level view and cannot address all WCAG requirements.  It is afterall only software, and does not address the priority issues or the technical issues you may have.  It may also give you some false positives.

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