Is the Internet Dead?

Author: Nola Young The Scenario: Some businesses are wondering if they should continue to market themselves on the Internet. The Question: What does the future hold for the Internet? The Answer: There have been many write-ups, lately, with respect toRead More

The nitty-gritty of type on the Web

Author: Nola Young Have you ever logged on to a Web site and been confused by what you see? Perhaps the type sizes are too large or too small. Headings don’t seem to line up with the text below orRead More

What does your Website really say? Good content gets results!

Author: Nola Young Content is an important consideration for anyone preparing a business Web site. Primary content comes from two sources. It can be pulled form current printed materials you already have – brochures, catalogues, pamphlets, company records and advertisingRead More

Show your true colours on the Web

Author:  Nola Young Colour is a strong consideration for anyone designing a Web site. Colour elicits emotion. And effects such as luster, luminosity and iridescence can be created to intensify that emotion and to add more appeal to your site.Read More

Internet Language – Use words you can trust

Author:  Nola Young   Writing for the Internet is unlike writing for any other medium. The Internet speaks its own language, one that’s easy to understand because there are no hidden meanings. Terms are chosen to be brief and toRead More

Have you been Framed

Author:  Nola Young    Have you ever wondered why some Web sites seem easier to navigate than others? Perhaps those sites had navigation buttons on the left, right or top of the page that remained constant, giving you a senseRead More

Audio on the Web

Author:  Nola Young Does your Web site talk to you? More and more Web sites are using sound as a means to promote an image, present a point or to just plain entertain you.  Should you consider sound for yourRead More

Do you see what I see?

Author:  Nola Young   Take a good look at your Web site. What do you see? Do you as the host, see what I see as the customer? There is something valuable to be gained by looking at things fromRead More

Don’t lose site of your goals

Author:  Nola Young   Ready, set, action! You’ve decided to invest in a Web site. Time to set goals and motivate customer action. Think of your Web site as a marketing tool. Would you spend money on a brochure orRead More

Internet Collaboration

Author: Nola Young Objectives What are the different ways that the Internet facilitates business collaboration? How do Internet forms of communication differ from more traditional mediums? What software and hardware is required to take advantage of the Internet’s communication mediums?Read More