5 Strategies for Google Ads (PPC) Success in 2020

  By Nola Young on Jan 24, 2020 Yesterday a client asked a question about her Google Ads PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign that I thought was a good one to share on my blog. She asked, “There have beenRead More

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing (How marketing has changed and what it means to your business)

Author:   Nola Young   Date: April 19, 2016 Digital Marketing practices have increased whereas traditional marketing practices have fallen significantly.   For years, advertising your business or product through traditional means, i.e.; print advertising, direct mail, radio, newspaper, flyers, brochures, yellow pages, wereRead More

WIX vs WordPress

Author:   Nola Young   Date: April 3, 2016 A client recently asked if I knew what website platform would best allow him to showcase his business and products on the Internet.    He had seen advertisements during the Super Bowl show aboutRead More

Digital Marketing Strategies in an ever-changing digital landscape

Author:   Nola Young   Date: March 22, 2016 Navigating and understanding the web and social media opportunities for marketing your business online is increasingly difficult in the ever-changing digital landscape.  How do you keep up with all of the changes and howRead More

Electronic Paper offers precise results

Author:  Nola Young One of the major problems facing the development of the Internet today, is compatibility. People around  the world use the Internet with the aid of several different kinds of software and the Internet itself consists of hundredsRead More

Online Registration Forms

Author: Nola Young A client recently asked for advice in setting up an on-line registration form. The Scenario: He has an existing, in-house, custom database and wanted to know what would be involved in creating an on-line registration form thatRead More

Business sites should use ethical processes

Author: Nola Young Last month, I discussed some of the on-line promotion techniques used by virtual businesses to help increase sales. I addressed the common, above-board practices that are used to draw positive attention to a business Web site. Unfortunately,Read More

Video Conferencing – one way to cut travel expenses

Author: Nola Young   The Scenario:  A client of mine has offices located across Canada (in Montreal, Toronto and Calgary) and in Australia. The principals of his organization must meet on a regular basis to discuss business details. All thatRead More

Do you have a strategic Internet marketing plan?

Author: Nola Young You want to be on the Internet and you’ve just hired a Web designer to create your site. But, have you taken time to develop your marketing plan? Maybe you already have a Web site. But, isRead More

Improve the Performance of your Website

Author: Nola Young   The performance of a Web site is dependent on a number of variables: the hardware, operating environment, and bandwidth of the server. Performance also depends on the client site with respect to browser versions, operating environmentsRead More