Do you see what I see?

Author:  Nola Young  

Take a good look at your Web site. What do you see? Do you as the host, see what I see as the customer? There is something valuable to be gained by looking at things from a customer’s perspective – in everything your web site says and does.

The old saying, “We learn from our mistakes.”, takes on a new meaning in the modern world of technology. As we develop our Web sites, we have the ability to learn from the mistakes of others before we make our own.

Web sites are public and thus open to praise and criticism, alike. We see the mistakes of others so clearly, but do we see our own mistakes? Do we critique our own sites in the same way we critique those produced by others?

As a Web-site host, you should do both. With a click of a mouse, you can browse a number of sites. Some will catch your eye and others won’t. Some will compel you to take action. Others will be stale and unprovoking.

Take time to study other sites carefully and critically. Pay particular attention to what’s new, what sells and, above all, what works and what doesn’t.

Avoid costly mistakes. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes at all times and se your site for what it really is. You can be sure others will see it that way.

Quick tips:

  1. Your graphics should be clean, functional, and give the browser a sense of where he or she is at all times.
  2. Don’t overwhelm the reader with your message. Keep it simple and straightforward.
  3. Always be sure to tell your customer what’s in it for him or for her. Your copy must be effective enough to make your offer irresistibly

Nola Young is the president of KW Digital Solutions. Send your comments or questions by email or call 519-741-7641.