Don’t lose site of your goals

Author:  Nola Young  

Ready, set, action! You’ve decided to invest in a Web site. Time to set goals and motivate customer action. Think of your Web site as a marketing tool. Would you spend money on a brochure or newsletter? If you knew it wouldn’t bring a return on investment? Probably note. Think about your Web site the same way.

First, set goals for your site – short-term and long-term. Decide what results you want and how your return on investment will be measured. Keep in mind that return on investment is not always a financial goal. Your goal, in fact, may be to acquire names and addresses of people interested in receiving further information about your product or service.

Consider the time from over which you will evaluate your site to determine if changes are necessary. Although, it’s important to have customers come to your site initially, your main goal should be to have them return – and return often. Updating your Web site, and doing it frequently, will satisfy curiosity and give customers a reason to return.

Focus the content of your site on the action you would like customers to take. Boredom is not the goal, so don’t include photos of your family or pets. Focus on customers and what you can do for them. Create some excitement! Motivate customers and compel them to take action.

Quick tips:

  1. Customer feedback from at your site can provide valuable information about the usefulness of your
  2. Add an e-mail link. This lets the customers send you their name and address or request
  3. Create a guest book and offer a contest. Visitors to the site will be ore likely to add their name and address to the guest book if there’s a chance for a It’s a win-win situation.

Nola Young is the president of KW Digital Solutions. Send your comments or questions by email or call 519-741-7641.

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