Internet Language – Use words you can trust

Author:  Nola Young  

Writing for the Internet is unlike writing for any other medium. The Internet speaks its own language, one that’s easy to understand because there are no hidden meanings.

Terms are chosen to be brief and to the point, such as “Contact us” or “About us.” We know what to expect when we see these words. They go a long way in building our trust. (Trust can also be built through client testimonials, guarantees and privacy statements.)

Web copy should include the words, “You get.” This way you clearly tell customers what they will get by responding to your offer. The will motivate your customer to act. And that’s your primary goal.

Will your copy or your graphics serve better to motivate a customer to act? The answer is both. Customers take action both because of what they read and because of the warm and fuzzy feeling they get from the whole presentation.

The Internet follows trends and one of them is simplicity. I recently saw a plain banner ad with no bells and whistles, no colour, just type and a hyperlink. (Traditionally, banner ads jump out at you and do flip flops. People have come to ignore these.) The simplicity of this banner, together with the copy, made me believe there was a deal to be found. It compelled me to act.

No matter what trend you follow, your business Web site must create trust. Trust will motivate customer action and produce results. Mark my words and trust me on this!

Quick tips

  •  Use words that will make your customer feel like a
  • Compel your customers into action by using direct phrases and
  • Avoid negative statements or Always be positive.

Nola Young is the president of KW Digital Solutions. Send your comments or questions by email or call 519-741-7641.


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