Is the Internet Dead?

Author: Nola Young

The Scenario:

Some businesses are wondering if they should continue to market themselves on the Internet.

The Question:

What does the future hold for the Internet?

The Answer:

There have been many write-ups, lately, with respect to whether or not the Internet has a future. I have read numerous articles on this topic. I can recall seeing these articles as far back as 1998. Recently, I read yet another article that claimed that the Internet is dead because those who can, have already, put up an Internet presence. We are enamored with too much information but not enough substance. Furthermore, a colleague of mine recently stated that he thought the Internet was just a poorly organized library.

On one hand, an article claimed that the only future for the Internet lies in entertainment. The writer stated that many people would forgo some of the necessities in life, like food or medicine, to go to the show or take their kids to Canada’s Wonderland. He claims they would spend their money on the Internet for entertainment.

I, on the other hand, feel that the future of the Internet is in its interactivity – being able to use the Internet as a tool for our business and for our everyday life. I believe we will continue to use the Internet for education, banking, shopping, accounting, advice, saving time and money, finding old friends and lovers (or new ones), and for helping us plan for many of the significant occasions in our lives such as getting married, making a purchase, or taking a trip. We will use it in our homes, at the cottage, in bed, in our cars, on our televisions, and on our cell phones.

The Internet has had extraordinary growth since its inception, being one of the most revolutionary changes we may see in our lifetime. My grandmother (who lived to be 102 years old) saw the Depression, the wars, the inception of the automobile, the 50s, the 70s and the 90s. The Internet is truly as revolutionary as any of those, and more so.

However, with that explosion of growth lies insecurity. Insecurity about what we do not know. Fear about futures. We listen to the stories of recent dot com companies who have suffered huge drops in revenue. We tend to see this as a trend for the future and we don’t focus on the fact that these businesses may just have been poorly planned or organized. All too quickly, we conclude that it is a trend for the entire Internet community.

With all this negative publicity, it is no wonder that some businesses are questioning whether or not they should continue to market themselves on the Internet. As a business owner myself, who lives and breathes the Internet, I say “absolutely!”

Though some have built their businesses solely on the Internet, I believe that average business owners should view it as a strategy to market themselves, and to offer good services. As I see it, the Internet is alive and well and will be for years to come.

Nola Young is the president of KW Digital Solutions. Send your comments or questions by email or call 519-741-7641.

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