Sites that perform well are those that are strategically planned with the visitors needs in mind. A Strategic Internet Marketing Plan will give you the necessary tools you need to make your site presentable to a large audience and perform well over the test of time. Close attention will be paid to performance as it applies to search engine ranking, HTML design, speed and ease of use. Recommendations will be given for improving the marketability of your site, retaining visitor interest and getting your customers to take action. This plan can also include an in-depth look at your Social Media sites and how they are performing for you.

Components in a Strategic Internet Marketing Plan can include:

1. Current situation analysis:
Knowing where you are going is only possible if you know where you are. KW Digital Solutions believes that a good plan begins with a sound knowledge of your current situation where it relates to business processes and efficiencies. It is necessary for your Web site to compliment your current productivity initiatives. It may also be necessary to create some new processes for improvements.

2. Competitive Intelligence Analysis:
Knowing what your competitors are doing is an on-going task as new competitors surface regularly. A study of your direct competitors will include a report on their services and pricing strategies, along with some insight as to the vehicles they use to promote themselves.

3. Market Research and Documentation:
Knowing what your customers want and need is an essential part of knowing what to present and how to market to them. Research into your primary and secondary target markets will be conducted and presented to you.

4. Promotion:
An evaluation of the on-line opportunities that are available to promote your product or service is necessary if you want your site to be seen by potential customers.

5. Navigational Flow:
Effective navigational flow is the key to enticing your visitors to act. If you are presenting the information in a way that compels action, you will get results. This navigational flow chart becomes the map you can return to, time and again, as your site grows.

6. Graphic Re-design:
If requested, our creative director will meet with you to discuss your creative ideas. He will develop graphical mockups that will present your ideas on look and feel for the Web site that will enhance your offerings.

If you would like a quote for a Strategic Internet Marketing Plan, call 519-741-7641. We would be happy to discuss your needs and tailor a plan around your budget.