Website Audit and Report

KW Digital Solutions loves doing Digital Audits. I'm not kidding you. We thrive on identifying problems and solving them. It's how we got our start, and we believe our process makes the most sense. Instead of putting band-aids on a bad situation, why not get to the core of the problem and make sure you have a good solid foundation that can support the growth and direction your business is going.

Our Website Audit and Report consists of:

  • Check your Search Engine Rankings for pages and keyword phrases
  • Is your site mobile friendly, are all landing pages mobile friendly?
  • Check that your images are optimized for fast load times
  • Check that your title tags are optimized for better click-through rates
  • Check meta descriptions are in place
  • Check for missing title pages
  • Check the primary keyword phrase is contained in the H1 tag
  • Check images have alt text
  • Check all other AODA and WCAG 2.0 compliance factors
  • Check that URLs are optimized and descriptive
  • Check for broken links
  • Check home page and landing pages content are optimized.
  • Check that content of site is optimal to ensure conversions
  • Check noindex command to ensure it is not applied to important pages
  • Check for technical issues with the site, ie. Browser issues, bad redirects, errors
  • Check for Site Speed, ie. load times for key pages and follows best practices
  • Review the mobile experience, does mobile version match with desktop version
  • Make sure analytics tracking code are set up and on every page

What do you get?

Our Website audit covers the main technical elements of a site and should help you uncover any issues that can be corrected. We provide a report that is solution-oriented with a list of our recommendations. After you receive your Audit report, you can choose to make these adjustments yourself or you can hire us to do it for you.
To receive a quote for this service, drop us an email or call us at 519-741-7641 and lets get started!.